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How to Plan a Virtual Thanksgiving During COVID-19


With COVID-19 still around and cases on the rise, holidays will be looking different this year. Many families are turning to virtual Thanksgivings as a way to still have family time and give thanks, but to do so in a safe manner. So, how can you have the best virtual Thanksgiving possible?

Plan Beforehand

Even though many individuals have become used to using video services, there are other people who may not be used to it yet and will struggle. Plan a run-through before Thanksgiving Day to help work out any kinks. Since it is technology though, it would be smart to make one individual the contact if anyone were to run into trouble the day of.

Make sure to send out start and end times. It will be hard to get everyone together if there is not a set start time. Additionally, it is best to keep the call much shorter than a typical Thanksgiving Day to keep everyone continually engaged.

If you plan on having activities, send them early or give a list early of what may be needed. Allowing everyone to buy what is needed early or sending it will help everyone be prepared for the day's activities.

What to Do During?

Since you have taken the time to plan beforehand, it is now time to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day! If you are a family who has everyone bring a dish to Thanksgiving, continue that tradition and have everyone “bring" their dish to the virtual Thanksgiving. It is a fun way to keep traditions going!

It is also important to take time to think about and say what everyone is thankful for. Seeing the positives this year has brought instead of the negatives may help bring a more positive mind set to the end of the year.

Finally, play the games or activities you and your family have planned and have fun! A lot of work went into planning them, especially if the activity items were mailed. Enjoy the games and virtual family time, who knows, maybe you will find activities to continue at in-person family gatherings.

Ending the Day

Before it is time to say goodbye, make sure to take a photo of everyone participating in virtual Thanksgiving. After logging off, continue Thanksgiving Day with any family you have in person.

It is hard to have a virtual Thanksgiving instead of a normal Thanksgiving, but is more important to keep everyone safe and healthy.




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